Backpiece tattoo

Canman’s client came with an existing ” Boston” Lettering tattoo.

The client wanted to polish up the lettering and add a backpiece tattoo.

Therefore, both agreed a traditional style would fit perfect with the old ironsides theme.

Back tattoo designs are an investment in terms of both time and money.

As a result, a back piece ranges between 20 to 30 hours depending on the design.

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Traditional tattoos are also known as American or Old School.

Characterized by its clean black outlines, vivid colors, and minimal shading.

These are fundamental to traditional style.

Also, making it one of the most iconic tattoo styles there is.


The oldest ship in the United States Navy is the USS Constitution

Naval officers and crew still serve aboard her today.

The naval history and heritage command is in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

It is responsible for the maintenance and restoration of USS Constitution.

Across the pier from the Constitution is the USS Constitution Museum.

The Museum serves as the memory and educational voice of USS Constitution

 In addition, the museum provides hands-on experiences for visitors.

Explore how the ship was built, sailed, and preserved.

The United States Navy operates the museum.

Also, a partner to the National Parks of Boston.