Birds and flowers tattoo

Canman’s client wanted to honor his grandmother in this tattoo project.

His grandmothers favorite flower is the clematis.

Her favorite birds is the bluejay and cardinal.

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The clematis is a flowering, climbing plant grown for ornamental purposes.

Clematis has a few different meanings, many of them connected to mental prowess.

The clematis symbolizes ingenuity due to its clever climbing around trellises and walls.

The clematis also means mental beauty.

Clematis is sometimes given as a female name in English-speaking regions.


Blue Jays are found in all kinds of forests but especially near oak trees.

They’re more abundant near forest edges than in deep forest.

Also, common in urban and suburban areas where bird feeders are found.

Blue Jays hold food items in feet while pecking them open.

They store food in caches to eat later.

These birds are known for their intelligence and complex social systems.

In addition, they have tight family bonds.


The northern cardinal is one of the most popular birds in North America.

It’s a songbird, popular state bird, sports mascot, and winter holiday symbol.

Cardinals are instantly recognizable bright red or reddish tan birds.

Also, cardinals have a distinct head crest and face mask.