Horror tattoos

Canman created this sleeve for a client who loves horror movies.

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Why do we love horror so much?

It might be because we want our own lives to be as free of fear and terror as possible.

But, we also want our entertainment to shock us in ways we can’t imagine.

From stories of Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster to modern horror films like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Conjuring”.

Horror is incredibly impactful on society.

Showcase your love of the genre with your favorite piece of horror art as a tattoo

Why Horror tattoos

What is so special about horror tattoos?

Art is subjective at best

. Artists create artwork and leave the interpretation to the viewer.

Art’s purpose is to please and appeal to the senses, provoking a reaction or an emotion in the spectator.

Science fiction and fantasy fans love to collect artwork.

Horror fans love to collect horror artwork too. 

The difference is horror artwork is darker and unsettling.

But it is not pretty, you would say.

Perhaps. Except beauty is a matter of taste.

There is beauty in the dark.

There is a certain tragic and romantic element to art whose purpose is to scare you.

Art is meant to provoke a reaction.

Usually a pleasing one.