Canman’s tattoo designs are based in both the foundations of illustration and design.

Composition, lighting, color theory and contrast are elements considered in the design process.

Looking for design work outside of tattoos?

Canman also does commission work for T-shirt designs, event flyers, logos, stickers, murals and original paintings.

You can find examples of his work at

What is illustration?

Illustrations are a visual way to portray or illustrate a written text.

They might help explain an idea or tell a story or provide decoration.

They come in many forms both traditional and digital.

Published media like magazines, books, posters, and flyers are great places to find illustrations.

In the digital space of websites and mobile apps, you’ll often find illustrations created by both freehand (using a digital tablet, for example) and vector graphics (using color and shapes to mimic an illustrative style).

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the art and profession of using visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form.

While illustration focuses on creative interpretation, graphic design is all about communication with its target audience.

Marketing and branding strategies (rather than text or stories) typically fuel the direction of graphic designers.

The types of graphic designs are wide ranging in both the print and digital worlds.

Posters, fliers, business cards, packaging, billboards, and logos are a few examples of predominantly physical print works, while email marketing and web design dominate the digital landscape