Outline tattoo – Clean line work and different line weights can create a great foundation.

For example, this skull and dagger tattoo by Canman includes both.

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Outlining itself is one of the single most important aspect of a great tattoo.

It takes special attention, steadiness, and concentration to perform correctly.

A clean Outline tattoo is done with confidence.

Also, displays professionalism and is the foundation of a great tattoo.

This is achieved by continually drawing with pencil and tracing paper.

In addition, use of micron pens to outline the drawing will make it ready to stencil.

Canman now uses procreate to help optimize his work flow.

The tattoo outline should be sharp, solid and definite.

As the machine is being held, the needles should be just skimming the skin surface.

Don’t use brute force, the machine will do the work.

The tattooist’s job is to guide the course of the needles so they puncture holes in the skin.

The ink, flowing along the needles, enters the holes by the way of gravity.

The main causes of bad lines include hooked needles, digging into the skin and not stretched skin tight.

In conclusion, If all these errors are avoided, few problems will occur and good sharp outlines will be consistent.