Pirate tattoo

Canman had fun creating this stylish take on the jolly roger theme.

People associate a lot of representations to pirate tattoos.

Pirates sailed the seas taking what they wanted and doing what they pleased.

In this way, a pirate tattoo represents freedom.

The pirate tattoo also symbolizes other traits like courage, bravery, deceit, unity, loyalty and wanderlust.

All these traits are qualities we think of when we think of a pirate.

The unity of the pirate crew and yet the deceitful and low character acts they would commit.

Things like stealing and murder are not admirable qualities.

But, the freedom of getting what you want and going where you want are things we associate with freedom.


The skull and crossbones tattoo is a very popular image.

It is a symbol that looks like a human skull and two longer bones crossed either behind the skull or below.

In the modern era, this image represents hazardous materials or letting the view know that something is dangerous.

In terms of pirates, this is an image to represent death.

It’s either a warning or a message of impending doom.

The skull and crossbones pirate tattoo is a symbol that will represent something of the dangerous variety for the person with this inked.