Wizard tattoos

Do you love wizard tattoos?

You’re not alone!

Wizard tattoos represent mystery, magic, and power.

In general, are portrayed as old, wise men.

Typically have long white beards, white hair and wearing flowing, floor-length cloaks.

Secondly, most are tall and slender carrying magic items such as wands, magic staffs and crystal balls.

Not only can they defeat powerful warriors, but they can also defeat dragons as well.

Above all, they are fearless characters that can be of good or evil nature. 

A wizard might be portrayed reading from their spell book or even casting spells.

They often depict skulls.

If you believe in magical powers or sorcery, try a wizard tattoo.

It will reflect your belief in the supernatural.

Tattoo designs can come with the face of a wizard holding his magical wand.

You can sport it anywhere on the body and flaunt it with style.

Today, wizards are mainly thought to be folklore.

In the past, many people believed they were real.

In some cultures these conjurers were feared, and thought to be in league with the devil.

Also, wizards were respected and revered as wise men who lived a hermit’s life.

Wizards could be sought out for advice and other assistance.

Wizard tattoos popularity

In the 1980s, fantasy tattoos reached their heyday.

The main reason for that was the appearance of the game Dungeons and Dragons.

In addition, a rash of “sword and sorcerer” films.

In the early ’90s, magical themes shortly returned to the realm of science fiction novels.

The series of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy films reignited interest in the genre.

Also, popularity in wizard tattoos can be credited to the highly renowned Harry Potter book and movie series.

Targeted at the younger generation, this imaginative series has captured the attention of readers of all ages.

As a result, breathing new life into the interest in wizards and wizardry.

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