Iris tattoo by Canman

Iris tattoo – Not only are irises beautiful, but they are associated with powerful meanings and symbolism.

The exact meaning varies depending on the location and color of the iris.

This flower is associated with many positive feelings.

Some of these meanings include faith, wisdom, and positive change.

Iris is both the common name for these flowers as well as the name of the plant genus.

So where does this name come from?

In Greek, iris means rainbow.

Many people believe these flowers ended up with the name iris due to the color variation of their blooms.

These flowers share their name with the Greek goddess Iris who acted as a messenger between gods and humans.

You can say she was a bit like a rainbow that builds a bridge between heaven and earth.

Many of the symbolism associated with iris flowers ties back to this goddess.

Irises are always changing.

They emerge each spring, bloom, and then die.

And then they begin the cycle all over again.

While dying may not seem like a good thing, irises are simply saving energy so they can re-emerge as beautiful flowers.

With this in mind, irises are a great way to remind someone that they can find something better.

This means they’re a good gift for someone who went through a breakup or is seeking a new job.

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