Mysteries and magic abound in an Esoteric tattoo.

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The dictionary defines the word esoteric as special, mysterious knowledge.

Therefore, only a small number of people are familiar with this knowledge.

Many consider it magical practices. Also,

strange rites and irrational beliefs.

These beliefs are used to indicate an inner circle or something reserved to a few. 

However, the truth is that EVERYONE at essence is esoteric.

It simply means to live from our inner-most self.

Esoteric knowledge is associated with difficulty.

That is to say, Hard for ordinary people to understand.

It is the symbolic language of “divine wisdom”.

The ancients communicated with people in other dimensions and universes.

The word “esoteric,” means hidden.

Or better yet, A book cannot cotton esoteric knowledge.

To clarify, It is subjective to interpretation.

The esoteric doesn’t exist physically. It’s a way of perceiving reality.

Similarly, it is only the individual that will experience the esoteric.

This in turn, makes it difficult for others to understand.

You also must experience it for yourselves.

The knowledge includes symbols and rituals.

In addition, includes complex secret languages by philosophers.

They knew how to communicate with otherworldly beings.

Likewise, on higher levels of consciousness.