Floral tattoo – Canman created this bouquet based on the clients choice of flowers.

The flowers picked in this Floral tattoo held personal significance to the client.

Tattoos are deeply personal things by nature.

So, flower designs could also represent a memory or a special experience.

As much as we love flowers, they don’t last very long.

Most cut flowers would last for a week or so.

And seeing them wither is always the hard part.

But there’s a way to make it permanent.

And that’s why flower tattoos have always been popular around the world.

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Flowers are a common design choice for tattoos, and with good reason:

Each blossom holds its own symbolism, both well-known and obscure. 

You want to go all out, make your design a bouquet to emphasize your love of botanicals.

Using different kinds of flowers in the bouquet makes the design personal as well.

Canman says that bouquet floral tattoos are very popular.

“I can’t even count how many times I’ve tattooed this style.

In addition, If executed correctly, this style can hold up over time,” he notes.

And he shares some advice to optimize your experience:

“Make sure you do your research regarding flower types and meanings”.

“Clean line work with strong contrast can create a very appealing bouquet tattoo.”