Hamsa tattoos hold special meaning for the client.

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Hamsa tattoos contains a beautiful symbol.

You may have seen it in jewelry and wondered what the meaning is?

The Hamsa hand has two thumbs pointing in opposite directions.

In addition, three fingers together in the middle.

Also, The hamsa has a large eye on the palm.

Various swirls and diagonal lines come out from the eye symbol into the fingers.

The symbol is a hand, meaning that it has five fingers.

Therefore, in the Hebrew tradition, the word “Hamsa” means five.


The symbolic meaning of the Hamsa comes after the time of Christ.

hundreds of years after the Hand of Miriam was used by Hebrews.

The earliest meaning of the Hamsa hand comes from Islam.

The hand of Fatima became a symbol of the importance of fidelity.

Some of the earliest uses of Hamsa are said to have been in Mesopotamia.

However, Scholars think it may have evolved from a symbol Mano Pantea.

a two-fingered religious symbol of the Ancient Egyptians.

The people of Mesopotamia had a saying “kHamsa fi ainek,” which meant “here’s five fingers in your eye.” 

In this way, the Hamsa Hand became a symbol meant to protect people.

The image has special meaning for women.

As a result, it spread from Islam to Judaism.

The Hamsa hand protects women from evil in the Hebrew world.

The symbol is associated with marriage, which is thought to protect the couple.

Wearing jewelry with the Hamsa Hand down doesn’t mean you’re the evil!

The Hamsa hand symbolism of it being down is abundance and positivity.

In conclusion, the Hamsa hand will always be a symbol of great importance.