Canman takes on Music event poster work when not overbooked with tattoos.

His favorite commission work besides murals and painting are illustration.

in particular, event flyers and posters.

This project is for cannabis related music festivals held up in Maine.

The client prefers a graphic image bordering around the center.

The center is free for the client to add names of the bands playing the event.

Interested in a music event poster by canman?

Go to Canman’s instagram or email: [email protected]


Thousands of live shows take place around the world each day.

From debut gigs at a local dive to major multiple day festivals .

Commonly undermined is the importance of event promotion.

In particular, the old and trusty poster.

 Its evolution from the 1960s to now presents a wide range of styles.

Posters are what attracts a crowd to a show.

The origin of posters dates back to the invention of Lithography in 1798.

Many genres flourish throughout the turn of the century.

However, the prolific 90s electronic scene dominated the festivals and culture.

The current climate of music marketing faces a challenge.

being both complex and attractive to the eye in social media. 

Despite being an integral part of music, poster art is typically part time work.

 However, this simply presents the love for art and the music scene. 

Look at the decades of variety and styles.

From psychedelic masterpieces to grungey ten-minute jobs.

Each design has a place and purpose.