This Birth tattoo represents the clients children.

Rather than using generic lettering fonts, the client preferred to get a beautiful piece of art.

The violets and sweet pea’s represent the clients children’s birth months.

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A birthdate is a special day as it implies the day a person were born or their favorite people were born.

Birth date tattoos are a sweet reminder of the people you love.

Also, they signify that you care about them enough to carry important facts about them in a special place.

There can be a variety of birthdate tattoo designs.

Popular choices include Horoscopes, clocks, hand prints.

In addition, imagery that hold special meaning for the person your representing.

However, the most popular design consists of birth flowers.

These tattoos are also very easy for placement as you can put them anywhere you want.

The image could mean your own birthday or the birth date of your parent, siblings, significant other or even your best friend.

A lot of people get tattoos that represent the birthdates of their children.

The birth of their son or daughter is a momentous occasion that they want to cherish forever.