Do you prefer a Color tattoo?

This Chemistry tattoo is a great example of the use of bold color.

The client has a fair complexion which lends itself perfectly to color.

The digital image was created in Clip Studio Paint to work out the color theory of the design.

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Tattoos now come in countless different styles and a wide variety of colors.

In the last few decades, time and money has gone into developing high quality tattoo ink colors. 

New tattoo ink technology has also minimized allergic reactions and will last for longer.

Several tattoo styles gravitate towards bright color work.

New school , photo realism, traditional, Japanese, and illustrative can all heavily rely on colors.

 If you want a small tattoo, you are limited to the amount of colors and blending effects.

Big pieces look better with bold colors, as the shades will stand out and be clear to read.

In addition, remember that your skin tone will impact how it looks on the skin.

The shades commonly used in watercolor tattoos are very short-lived.

Despite being incredibly popular, this style of tattooing requires frequent touch-ups

.The growing trend of using white ink looks nice on pale skin.

The issue with the white ink trend is that it fades very quickly, especially when exposed to sunlight.

To be sure your color stays looking good for longer, always wear sunscreen when outdoors for long periods.

UV light damage will often fade and lighten the colors.

Moisturizing the tattooed area will bring the vibrance back when your skin is dry