These Original paintings by Canman are the last works of 2022.

All three pieces are done with Golden acrylic paints.

Also, each painting measures 8″ x 10″.

The frog painting is titled “Amphibious Surveillance crew”.

The snail painting is titled “Mollusk surveillance crew”.

The mushroom painting is titled ” Funguy”.

Canman’s Original paintings can be described as Imaginative realism or surrealism.

If you would like to own an affordable Canman original, now is your chance.

To purchase, contact canman at [email protected] or call Visions tattoo at 508-533-1369.


Surrealism is more than an artistic style—it’s an artistic movement.

Surrealist artists seek to explore the unconscious mind as a way of creating art.

Resulting in dreamlike, sometimes bizarre imagery across endless mediums.

The core of Surrealism is a focus on illustrating the mind’s deepest thoughts automatically when they surface.

This thought process for creating art known as “automatism.”

Surrealism has resulted in a fascinating collection of artwork.

This work ranges from mythical landscapes or obscure sculpture arrangements, to intriguing depictions of people and animals.

The poet Guilliame Apollinaire first coined the term “Surreal”.

A reference to the idea of an independent reality, existing “beneath” our conscious reality. 

The Surrealist movement initially surfaced in 1924 when French poet Andre’ Breton published his “Manifesto of Surrealism.”

Breton’s influenced by the theories and writings on the unconscious mind by psychologist Sigmund Freud.

In addition, the groundbreaking studies of Carl Jung, and the early 20th-century Dada movement.