This complete Sleeve tattoo includes Dragon, buddha, cherry blossoms and a chrysanthemum .

This full sleeve design was created using Clip Studio Paint.

The digital rendering is used to work out the flow, composition and color theory.

In addition, a color reference is useful as a guide during the tattooing process.

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The traditional Japanese style of tattooing is referred to as Irezumi.

Irezumi is typically created using large scale motifs.

These motifs are based on Japanese mythology, religious icons, historical characters and scenes from nature. 

It may also include the elements, and well known Japanese fables.

Irezumi is known for its vast backgrounds based on water, wind and clouds or fire. 

As a result, These elements encompasses the entire area around the main motif. 

Therefore, filling the body part being tattooed.

This can include the whole body except hands, feet, head, face and neck. 

Consequently, This would be considered a proper traditional bodysuit.

All Japanese tattooing was done by the hand poke method of ‘tebori’ .

This method of tattooing is where a group of needles is fixed to a tool called a Sashibo.

The tattoo is created by ‘carving’ the tattooing into the skin.

This carving technique is more akin to pushing the ink into the skin rhythmically. 

It is common that most Japanese tattooing is done by machine both inside and outside of Japan.

although, there are traditional craftsmen that still work in the old ways.