This Healed tattoo features black and grey roses Canman did using a Bishop rotary.

You can see the fresh version posted further back in our blog pages on December 16th.

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In today’s tattoo climate, Instagram and social media often mislead audiences.

They mislead about how their ink will look healed and hold up over time.

Artists on Instagram want to put their best foot forward and most will post photographs of their fresh tattoos.

However, a tattoo only stays fresh for an extremely short period of time.

It’s important for consumers to be conscious about the reality of healed tattoos.

Canman makes a concerted effort with the clients for a quick Healed tattoo photo session.

When Is a Tattoo Fully Healed?

Your skin should look normal again after the 2-3 weeks of healing stages. Nonetheless, it’s helpful to know that the deeper layers of skin will still be busy repairing themselves.

The upper layers of skin will always heal the fastest because they are the layers that keep infection-causing bacteria out of a wound.

The lower layers of skin usually take 3-4 months to heal completely, but your tattoo will start to look much clearer and sharper long before this.

In conclusion, it’s hard to say when a tattoo has entirely healed because everybody heals differently.

It also depends on how large the piece is and how good the tattoo artist isloral tattoos,.