These Bird tattoo designs are custom made for a client and her husband.

The clients wanted black and grey swallows each on different body parts.

Bring your ideas or favorite species for Canman to create a beautiful tattoo design.

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About bird tattoos

A common meaning behind a Bird tattoo is freedom

Birds are well-known for representing freedom due to the ability of flight. 

Your religious beliefs may make you feel a sense of freedom and fulfillment in your life. 

Secondly, some cultures believe birds represent the connection between heaven and Earth or eternal life. 

In addition, they represent a higher understanding and a connection with the universe.

Bird tattoos can also symbolize independence.

Therefore, a bird tattoo can exhibit that part of your personality that is self-sufficient.

Another important meaning is the power to rise above adversity and a sense of fearlessness

As a result, your able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, no matter what is holding you back.

Lastly, birds can also be symbols of protection. 

Egyptians placed bird images on the walls of their tombs to protect the dead. 

This helped the dead pass on through the afterlife. 

There are so many more meanings, based on each of the different types of bird tattoos.