Canman did these three Painting studies during vacation in the Cayman Islands.

Each piece was painted with acrylics and measure 5″ x 7″.

Creating these was a relaxing and meditative practice viewing the local scenery.

Canman does take commissions when time allows from his busy tattoo schedule.

About Painting studies

Used in the context of painting or fine art, a “study” is the term used for a practice piece.

A quick painting done to capture the essence of a subject or scene.

Also, a painting done to try out a composition, rather than a painting done as a final piece.

A study is more refined or finished than a sketch and can include the entire composition or just small sections.

Why Do a Study? 

The reason for doing a study of a section is that you then focus on one particular part of a subject.

Only until you get it working to your satisfaction, Then you start painting on the bigger subject.

It also avoids the problem of having a section of the painting overworked, which can look incongruous.

Painting quick landscape studies can be a lot of fun. The practice also has an uncanny knack for improving our painting skills and can make a very noticeable difference in our larger gallery paintings.

There are gazillions (that may be a slight exaggeration) of benefits to setting a time limit and drawing and painting with quick deliberate strokes.

Some of the benefits of quick studies are:

  • Working out compositions for larger paintings
  • Learning to reduce details into simple shapes
  • Improving your ability to edit complex scenes quickly – eliminating unnecessary information
  • Increasing confidence with a paintbrush
  • Experimenting with color combinations
  • And, it’s just pure fun!