This fresh Owl tattoo was created by Canman.

The client volunteers at a bird rescue sanctuary.

She developed a tight bond with this owl and brought a photo to use as a reference.

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Owls are often associated with wisdom and intelligence.

This is likely due, in part, to the fact that owls are skillful and stealthy hunters.

In addition, the owl is known for its “hooting” call which is often interpreted as a question.

The owl’s “who?” call is seen as a sign of curiosity and intellectual thinking. 

Owls are also associated with vision.

Large eyes occupy much of the space in an owl’s skull.

As a result, these powerful eyes makes owls such effective hunters.

An owl’s eyes are set facing forwards, and cannot move or roll like a human’s eyes can.

This is why owls have the ability to swivel their heads around with such flexibility.

They would otherwise by stuck looking straight forwards.

So, owls can represent vision, the future, and looking forwards into the unknown!

Many cultures attach gloomier meanings to these nocturnal birds of prey.

As creatures of the night, owls are commonly connected with fear, death, and misfortune.

This is likely because nighttime is perilous for animals like humans which cannot see in the dark.

So, the moonlit hours in which owls hunt inspire fear and discomfort.

Owls are also frequently associated with magic.

From old fairytales to modern series like Harry Potter, owls are often depicted as familiars of witches and warlocks and denizens of the realm of the supernatural.