Canman tattooed this healed Crab tattoo.

This design is a great example of pairing illustrative and Japanese styles together.

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The crab has obvious connections to the ocean.

It can be chosen as a symbol of living near the coast or a life spent tied to the water.

Its meaning can change slightly depending on the culture in question.

In China, the crab is a symbol of male virility as well as good luck.

There are also obvious ties to its zodiac sign of Cancer.

People born as Cancerians are known to be compassionate, loyal and emotional.

It is also a “water” sign which further strengthens its ties to the ocean.

With the hard exterior shell and sharp pincers, it can also be seen as a fighter and as a symbol of protection.

In general, crabs are often associated with the traits of determination, adaptability, and strength.

They are known for their ability to navigate through difficult terrain and their hard exterior shell.

In some cultures, the crab is also seen as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

These are in areas where crabs are a valuable food source or used in traditional medicine.