Heavy metal tattoos

Band tattoos are the ultimate sign of appreciation and loyalty for your favorite artists.

It’s like a band T-shirt you can’t get off.

Most importantly, Metal heads are some of the most passionate group of music enthusiasts out there.

Therefore, It’s no surprise that thousands of band tattoos are out there ranging from a tiny mark to a full sleeve.

The clients sleeve included bands such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and the misfits

What defines heavy metal?

Just like any music genre, heavy metal has a unique style that makes it easily identifiable.

fast tempo, heavy distortion and powerful rhythms characterize heavy metal.

The instruments used in heavy metal music include electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums.

In some metal subgenres, bands may use organs, electronic keyboards, or other instruments. 

Style and Themes

The lyrics and themes used in heavy metal songs usually have a dark nature.

War, death, depression, remorse, justice, and guilt.

These are popular themes from which heavy metal music takes inspiration. 

However, it’s not uncommon for metal songs to have lighter themes like love or joy.

Many heavy metal songs are also classified as power ballads. 

In contrast, some heavy metal bands use themes about satanism and devil worship.

In addition, The famous “sign of the horns” hand gesture might just be another reason. 

Thrash Metal 

Super-fast tempo, accompanied by low guitar riffs best describe thrash metal.

It’s one of the most aggressive subgenres of heavy metal. 

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