Illustrative tattoos –

Canman loves to add techniques from traditional tattooing and realism.

To clarify, illustrative fits right in the middle of the simple to realistic spectrum.

Featured in this style are a variety of outline sizes.

Also, use of intense color saturation or grey shading.

Stylistically, includes images you might find in a book illustration or drawing.

The key to an illustrative tattoo is that it retains a drawn, animated feel.

In contrast, too much shading and fine detail will look photo-realistic.

As a result, this gives artists and clients a lot of flexibility.

Designs can be a simple illustration or complex, abstract piece.

Also, creativity is a key ingredient to these tattoos. 

Illustrative tattoos use black as well.

Tattoo artists may use dotwork, lines, cross-hatching, and stippling.

This introduces more detail and dimension to the image.

Illustrative blackwork tattoos have an impactful graphic quality.

For example, look like they belong in an old book of fairy tales.


This style is one of the most popular for tattoos today.

Tattoo artists that specializing in it, have their own take on what an illustrative tattoo looks like.

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