Native American tattoo

The client wanted to represent her Native American heritage.

In addition, she wanted to capture the warrior woman spirit.

Native American tattoos are by no means only a modern trend.

Their history is long, and important to the Native American cultures.

This can range from Alaska all the way to the tip of the South America.


The tattoo art had different spiritual meaning in each tribe.

Sacred ritual is used to protect, guard, heal, convey status and accomplishments.

Additionally, Different nations use body modification to express family lineage.

Also, Meanings include clan crest, social rank, relationship to the territory, and hunting and fishing rights.

Most Native American designs involveĀ use of the feathers.

Mostly used by the Native Americans in religious ceremonies and rituals.

Red-tailed hawk and the eagle feathers are common in designs.


Know the meaning of the tattoo design that you picking
instead of just the way it looks.
Make sure to do your homework both in terms of design and symbolism.
Pick the one that represents what you feel and what you want it to represent.

Choose the location of tattoo with care both for cultural considerations.

How it will affect your personal and professional life.

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