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Each of the designs held special meaning for the client.

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Why Are We Still so Interested in Ancient Egypt?

most people have knowledge of this culture and aesthetic.

Therefore, people still worship ancient Egyptian gods to this day. 

 As a result, Ancient Egypt has inspired its share of tattoos.

The pyramids are awe-inspiring structures.

Representative of strength, endurance, and our place in eternity.

 Queen Nefertiti led a religious revolution.

In addition, she brought monotheism to the entire state.

Nefertiti has come to symbolize feminine power, prosperity, and progress.

The Scarab beetle rolled the sun across the sky.

The scarab came to represent industry and creation.


William Shakespeare presented the tale of Anthony and Cleopatra in 1607. 

king tut’s tomb inspired many iconic looks of the 1920s

Historians uncovered tattoo practices performed by the Egyptians. 

for example, only lower-class females wore tattoos. 

Now, there is evidence to suggest that many Egyptians had skin markings. 

Also, Egyptian culture reveled in opulence and pageantry.

Nefertiti was a queen of Ancient Egypt. 

Likewise, tattoos of Nefertiti symbolize power, royalty, and beauty.

In conclusion, our excitement for all things Egyptian never ends!