Canman was stoked to do this Iron Maiden tattoo!

He is an old school metal head from the 80’s and loves to tattoo anything METAL!!

The image comes from their classic “Killers” album art.

If your wanting classic metal art for your next tattoo, Canman can hook it up!

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Iron Maiden tattoo- Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie is as iconic as the legendary heavy metal band.

Eddie, also known as Eddie the Head, is the mascot for the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

He made his first appearance when the stage manager designed a paper mache head.

It was placed above the drummer at concerts and spat blood through it’s mouth.

Eddie then began to appear on Maiden’s album covers illustrated by Derek Riggs.

The “zombie like” creature takes on a different role throughout the band’s artwork.

In addition, Eddie assumes a different guise relating to the themes of individual albums.

Also, during their corresponding world tours.

He has appeared as a cyborg, an Egyptian mummy and a lobotomized mental patient among others.

He even makes live show appearances onstage and you could say he was like a 5th band member!