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Our symbolism of the rose is one that is rooted in love and passion.
These beautiful blooms are more than a Valentine’s Day cliché.

Roses come in a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and shades.

There are more than 150 types of roses. 


Archaeologists have discovered fossils dating back 35 million years.

The oldest living rose is a 1000 years old.

This enduring rose grows on the wall of a Cathedral in Germany

Rose petals are edible.

In addition, rose water is made from soaking petals in water.

Also, used as flavoring in Indian and Chinese dishes.

Roses also grow a berry-shaped fruit called rose hips.

The fruit can be orange, red, dark purple, or even black.

Rose hips are packed with vitamin C.

Also rose hips are used dried to create a refreshing tea.

You know the saying: Stop and smell the roses.

Well, roses weren’t chosen for this phrase by chance.

Roses lovely aroma is a popular floral scent.

The scent is used in many women’s perfumes.

Specifically, rose oil has been an ingredient in the perfume industry for centuries.

Extracting rose oil from flowers requires a huge amount of roses.

One gram of oil is produced from two thousand roses