Looking to hide a mistake or poorly done design with a Cover up tattoo?

This is a great example of a fairly easy Cover up tattoo.

The old tattoo is not to dark and has plenty of space around it.

Most importantly, the client understood a larger size is needed to make the old tattoo disappear.

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The real difference in getting a cover up comes with the choice of designs that will work.

It depends on what you’re getting covered as certain images may not fit.

To clarify, finding what works best with the existing lines, shapes, colors, even the area it is placed is key.

We make sure that the cover up will flow well with the curves of your body.

Also, to leave as little trace as possible of the previous ink.

When getting a cover up tattoo, you may have to accept that your initial idea may not work.

Above all, Visions artists will explain why a design may not work and offer other options.

When covering a tattoo, the new tattoo is always going to be bigger; there’s no way around it! 

Black and grey tattoos typically don’t work well.

The old tattoo can show through in the mid and light tones.

Some designs may be too dark, complex or have little open space around it.

As a result, Laser treatment can be a great solution.

A few sessions can lighten the old design which opens up more design options.