There are many ways to approach getting a Japanese tattoo.

An affective Japanese tattoo includes its characteristic motifs, bold shading, and readability.

In addition, Wonderfully colorful, flattened perspectives, graceful illustrative line work, and a unique use of negative space.

Common Japanese motifs include dragons, koi fish, and lotus flowers.

Most importantly, Canman loves to work in this style and with this imagery.

In Contrast, Canman does like to challenge his clientele with other image possibilities.

Japanese motifs also include birds, bugs, flowers and a variety of wildlife.

A comical twist can be added like the photo example of the samurai frog.

Canman has gathered a large library of reference books from his travels to Japan.

He is happy to share a wealth of imagery from his favorite artists Hokusai and Kuniyoshi.

The aesthetics and subject matter of these works have evolved from woodblock prints of the Ukiyo-e era in Japan. 

Today, Japanese-style tattoos are worn not only by the Japanese, but many types of tattoo collectors.

The popularity would include their beauty, flowing composition, and symbolism.

In short, Looking for a tattoo artist that specializes in this style and don’t know where to begin? 

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