Each of these images show one Tattoo session in a series of several by Canman.

Firstly, the panther is a cover up and is the first session of a soon to be color tattoo.

Secondly, the owl is also a first session of a soon to be color tattoo.

lastly, this zeus tattoo is one stage of a black and grey sleeve.

Large scale tattoos do require multiple sessions to complete.

The result is an impressive piece of art that reads and ages well!

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You should wait at least 2–3 weeks after your last appointment before getting tattooed again.

On average, it takes at least 2–3 weeks for a tattoo to heal, at least on the surface.

During this time, your tattoo should have gone through most of the hurdles associated with the healing process. 

Healing after getting a tattoo can sometimes be uncomfortable.

It could include pain, redness, tightness and itchiness; all of which aren’t life-threatening but are expected.

If your tattoo is large, your body will have to work harder to heal it.

Your immune system will be entirely focused on preventing any infections to this site.

If you choose to get another tattoo too soon, the chances of catching an infection may become higher.

This is because your immune system will be overstretched and may not perform optimally.

You need to build up your immunity between tattoo sessions if you want to heal up fast.

Eating right, daily exercise and getting enough rest are a few ways to boost your immunity.

In addition, drinking lots of water is also great for your body and immunity in general.

In conclusion, Taking care of your self will encourage faster healing and return to its optimal or near-optimal state.