This In progress tattoo shows the first session outline and start of shading.

The digital reference is approved by the client and based on the initial consultation.

Canman created this medusa design in an illustrative style.

An In progress tattoo is typical with larger scale work.

Therefore, can take many sessions to complete.

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Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology who was one of three Gorgon sisters.

Also, medusa was the only mortal, her sisters instead immortal.

Descriptions of Medusa have varied, from beautiful to grotesque and fair to monstrous.

To clarify, She is best known for having living, venomous snakes on her head in place of hair.

In addition, the ability to turn those who looked into her eyes into stone.


The Medusa tattoo has become popular among women who have experienced sexual assault.

By reclaiming the Medusa identity, woman are dispelling the belief that being victimized means they should be cursed or punished.

A lot of people have this tattoo because if they are victims.

Most importantly, it is like empowering themselves.

In conclusion, It can give one the sense of taking back their power.