Portrait tattoos – This Black and Grey tattoo of Clint Eastwood was done by Canman

The reference photo used required strong contrast to bring out the details.

a balanced combination of dark, medium, and light tones makes for the best Portrait tattoos.

Canman enjoys either black and grey or color.

Factors like skin tone and sun exposure will determine which style is best.

Also, Canman is only taking celebrities, musicians and movie characters projects at this time.

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In the world of tattooing, realism is one of the most popular styles.

Realism tattoos are characterized by their lifelike appearance, often featuring detailed portraits or scenes.

Realism tattoos can be further divided into two sub-styles: hyper realism and photo realism.

Hyper realism tattoos are extremely detailed, incorporating multiple colors and shading to create a realistic effect.

Photo realism tattoos, on the other hand, utilize black and gray inks to create a more subtle realism tattoo styles.

Realism tattoos are typically created by highly skilled tattoo artists who specialize in this type of work.

As a result, realism tattoos can be quite costly.

But for many people, the results are well worth the price.

A lot of detail must be drawn correctly for the portrait to look great and be accurate.

Tattoo artists can be well rounded or specialize in a specific style.

It is important to look at the artists portfolio to see if they include portraits.

Portraits are delicate because they require a high level of detail.

As a result, It is necessary to maintain a minimum size requirement.

Most artists won’t accept doing portraits in smaller dimensions as they don’t age well.