A fun Black and grey Medusa tattoo by Canman.

The process started with a digital rendering based on sculptures.

An illustrative style was chosen during the client consultation.

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Modern meanings

A Medusa tattoo suggests she is a symbol used to protect and ward off the negative.

As a result, She represents a dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil.

To clarify, Survivors of sexual assault use the Medusa to fight back against the narrative that victims should be shamed, blamed or punished for their assault.

History of Medusa

Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology who was one of three Gorgon sisters.

Medusa was the only mortal, her sisters instead immortal.

Descriptions of Medusa have varied from beautiful to grotesque and fair to monstrous.

Most importantly, She is best known for having venomous snakes on her head in place of hair.

In addition, the ability to turn those who looked into her eyes into stone.

The story of Medusa that most will be familiar with is that of her beheading by Perseus.

Therefore, Medusa’s beheading resulted in the birth of two children.

A winged horse named Pegasos, and the giant Chrysaor, who both sprung forth from her neck.

Her immortal sisters furiously went after Perseus for the murder of Medusa.

He was able to escape using his winged sandles and helmet of invisibility.