This Mythology tattoo started with a digital rendering of a centaur.

The rendering is based on the clients love of horses and fantasy art

Centaurs are human-horse hybrid creatures composed of dualities.

To clarify, Human and nature, chaos and neutrality, love and violence.

From ancient Greece to present day, centaurs have inspired and intrigued artists.

Did they actually exist or were they just imagined?

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A centaur is a creature from Greek mythology.

In addition, it has an upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

Therefore, these beings represent an intermediate stage between human civilization and nature.

The ancients portrayed them as barbarians who were unable to control their primeval instincts.

Above all, centaurs have been perceived and depicted as aggressive brutes and fearless protectors.

The centaurs in Greek Mythology were said to reside in Thessaly.

Subsequently, the Thessalians were famous riders and horse breeders.

It is this close relationship between humans and horses that led to the idea of a half man and half horse creature.

According to the legend, the Thessalians were the first in Greece to ride horses.

As a result, someone unused to the sight of a horse rider would believe that this was one creature.