Original paintings by Canman.

This is his first work of 2023.

The painting was created with Golden acrylic paints.

Also, this painting measures 11″ x 14″.

The title of this darker themed piece is ” Toxic Treasure”.

Hints of inspiration comes from humanities quest to extract our natural resources for energy.

Canman’s Original paintings can be described as Imaginative realism or surrealism. 

If you would like to own an affordable Canman original, now is your chance.

To purchase, contact canman at [email protected] or call Visions tattoo at 508-533-1369.


The artist transmits his thoughts in a very mysterious way and, occasionally, combining surrealist elements.

Horrible acts and macabre scenes make us stop and think about ourselves.

Visually stunning scenes, where the black predominates over all colors.

Dark art is an attempt to understand more deeply the human nature.

That is to say, the more sinister side of the human being that is often purposely ignored.

Dark art is closely related to critical art or protest art, because each work differs from a particular cause or message.

It’s a movement to spread a message to the public declaring a complaint or criticism.

For this reason, dark art provokes controversy and dispute from viewers.

Consequently, most viewers don’t know or don’t understand the original message of the artwork.

This work is also closely linked to contemporary art, since it reflects current scenes that we live in today.

Throughout history, many famous artists wanted to show the darkest and most terrifying side of their experiences.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to label these works within the dark art movement .