The artists at Visions tattoo have seen a rise in requests for Small tattoos.

Based on professional experience we recommend not doing the tattoo small.

Here is why:

When you see a small tattoo online, most of the images are fresh, not healed.

The tattoo may look nice but here is why we recommend a larger size.

Longevity in a tattoo is NOT being considered when you see these images on social media/pinterest.

Longevity is an important goal in our tattooing and design process.

What do you think a quarter sized tattoo will look like in 5 years, 10 years?


Our skin naturally looses elasticity as we age.

Tattoo ink is on a biological canvas that ages, grows and spreads out over time.

This process makes those fine lines and small pieces more prone to blurring/blobbing out.

Most lines don’t stay thin and crisp as they do when the tattoo is fresh.

As tattoo artists, we need to look at a tattoo through future lenses.

We may tell you the tattoo needs to be bigger, lines more bold, or to add more black and contrast.

Please trust the expertise of your artist as we care how your tattoo will look down the road.