Canman is in the process of working on this epic Back tattoo.

The client requested an Alex Grey design.

Alex Grey’s art falls in the category of Visionary art.

It is extremely layered with fine detail and complex geometry.

Canman started with a solid foundation of black and shading

As a result, this strengthens the tattoo for longevity and a solid base for color.

This design is created to work out the flow, composition and color theory.

In addition, a color reference is useful as a guide during the tattooing process.

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We experience the evolving creative miracle of our cosmos. 

Therefore, an appreciation of universal spirituality and reverence for the web of life.

Grey’s work points to the integration of both scientific and spiritual truths, both outer and inner worlds. 

Artwork in the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors venerates earthly, visionary and transcendental realms. 

All artworks invite the viewer to mirror each image to see oneself as reflections of the divine. 

As a result, we powerfully attune with the creative forces of our Soul. 

Human consciousness is evolving toward a planetary civilization based in peace, cooperation and cultural exchange.

Getting a Back tattoo

Back piece tattoos looks great on everyone and every body type out there. 

Skinny, curvy, broad, and muscled! 

They are easy to hide with clothes if you have a professional job, and need to be discreet. 

Also, Larger pieces designed properly will age better with time. 

Considering it’s the largest canvas space on your body, it provides the best creative opportunity!