These are great examples of Canman’s linework.

He puts 30 years experience behind creating a solid foundation and a design that ages well!

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The Minimalist or Linework tattoo style is all the rage, thanks to celebrities.

These tiny tattoos are more suitable for models and actresses because they’re not as difficult to cover up when it comes to participating in photo or film shoots, compared to bigger, more intricate work.

These Minimalist tattoos aren’t as bold or attention-grabbing as regular tattoos.

They don’t have a lot of shading or details, so they’re not a good option if you want to leave a permanent positive impression on others.

The smaller the tattoo, the worse it’ll age.

That’s a simple, unavoidable fact.

Small words and small tattoos all fade much more quickly. 

Some like the effects age has on their tattoo. However, that tattoo will likely blur together if it’s got too much detail.

Bolder lines, thicker lines, and larger designs will better stand the test of time.

The importance of lifework

Tattoo linework refers to the process of creating the outline of a tattoo design using a needle and ink.

The linework is the foundation of a tattoo, and it is important to get it right.

As a result, this creates a clear and defined tattoo that will last over time.

When creating linework for a tattoo, the artist will typically begin with a stencil of the design.

They will then use the needle to carefully trace the outline of the design.

The artist takes care to ensure that the lines are even and consistent.

The artist may also use shading techniques to add depth and dimension to the design.

Good linework is essential to a well-executed tattoo.

It can take years of practice for a tattoo artist to master the art of linework.

Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced and skilled artist who can create a tattoo that will last a lifetime.