This Gothic tattoo includes a coffin and rose being held by the hand of the undead.

Canman used an illustrative style and combined a cool and warm color palette.

This tattoo illustrates how color can work great in a gothic design besides black and grey.

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The gothic style

Goth is a music category, a fashion style, a lifestyle, and is often characterised by¬†an affiliation to a ‘dark’ aesthetic.

Goth developed from various youth subcultures including punk and dark wave.

As a result, evolving from these underground origins in the late 1970s to a more commercial visibility in the 1990s.

Gothic tattoos draws inspiration from dark and macabre themes associated with Gothic culture.

Therefore, these tattoos often incorporate images of skulls, skeletons, demons, and other Gothic motifs.

Gothic roots

Gothic art is a style of art that emerged in Europe during the late Middle Ages.

It is characterized by its ornate, intricate style, and its focus on religious and supernatural themes.

Some of the key features of Gothic art include:

Gothic art is known for its intricate, highly decorative style.

This is seen in the detailed carvings, sculptures, and stained-glass windows found in Gothic cathedrals.

Gothic architecture is characterized by its use of pointed arches, which replaced the rounded arches of earlier styles.

This allowed for greater height and a more dramatic, soaring effect.

Another innovation of Gothic architecture was the use of ribbed vaults, which were a more structurally sound way of supporting the weight of the roof.

Gothic cathedrals also used flying buttresses to support the walls and distribute weight more evenly.

These were large, arched structures that extended from the outside of the building to the walls.

Gothic art is often associated with religious themes.

It was created during a time when the Catholic Church was a dominant force in Europe

. Many Gothic cathedrals and other works of art depict scenes from the Bible or other religious stories.