A Good Tattoo design is based on a whole lot of things.

Canman frequently creates new tattoos that are custom and one of a kind.

He posts all new art on this blog and other social media outlets.

Each design is first come, first serve.

Once a client chooses a design, it will not be repeated!

Canman is known for his color work but equally enjoys black & grey.

You obviously want to make sure that the concept is strong.

Also, that will look great ten, twenty, or even fifty, years from now.

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About proper Tattoo design

Traditional and Illustrative styles continue to be a mainstay of the tattoo community.

The old saying “bold will hold” is 100% true.

Bold black lines, striking color palette, and simplicity of these designs create a powerful tattoo.

Black shading also creates a solid foundation.

The line work is wonderfully capture in these drawings.

As a result, it leaves a lot of room for what are known as “skin breaks”.

In other words, space for the skin to show through.

These spaces can work as highlights in the Tattoo design and helps with image recognition.

As the tattoo ages, it makes sure that the piece will remain clear and easily legible.

In Addition, the lines aren’t squashed together which can blur over time..

Size actually does matter when creating a tattoo.

Canman will advise you if your idea may need more room to wander.

In addition to choosing the correct size to depict your idea, balance is key.

The tattoo itself also needs to be a good fit for where it is placed on the body.

In conclusion, it’s not just size, line quality, balance, or space.

it’s everything put together that makes a tattoo design really stand out.