This is a long lasting tattoo lesson that’s important to share.

The original tattoo was done 17 years ago.

At the time, the client was looking for a brightly colored, realistic image.

She was looking for a softer look with minimal darks.

17 years later, the bright colors have faded losing the detail and shape of the design.

Canman has a better understanding of contrast in designs since then.

In addition, the importance of a dark and medium toned foundation.

This foundation helps to hold the tattoo together for the aging process.

Canman added a bolder outline and mid tone shading to give a base to the color.

This base helps to strengthen the color, give it more dimension and add to its longevity.

About illustrative tattoos

Canman works in an illustrative style now

He uses bold outlines of different sizes.

Also, he incorporates more tones to give each design strength.

This strength results in tattoos that hold up longer and age well.

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Long lasting tattoo advice

The choice of design and its placement on the body is crucial.

Some areas of the body are more prone to wear and tear, like hands and fingers, and feet.

These may require more frequent touch-ups.

Simpler, bolder designs tend to hold up better over time.

High-quality tattoo ink is less likely to fade or change color over time.

Cheaper inks may degrade more quickly, leading to a less vibrant tattoo as it ages.

Following the artist’s aftercare instructions and keeping the tattoo clean and moisturized during the healing process is crucial.

Neglecting aftercare can lead to infections or scarring that may affect the appearance of the tattoo.

UV rays from the sun can cause tattoos to fade over time.

It’s important to protect your tattoos by applying sunscreen or wearing protective clothing when exposed to direct sunlight.

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and certain medications can impact the appearance of tattoos.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help preserve your tattoos.

Even with the best care, tattoos can fade or blur over the years.

Periodic touch-ups by a skilled artist can help maintain the tattoo’s vibrancy.

Darker colors tend to hold up better than light or pastel colors.

Black and gray tattoos often age more gracefully.