Bold will hold tattoo refers to dark shading and outlines that help a tattoo age well.

Canman did this rib tattoo 17 years ago.

Only the dark tones didn’t fall out.

He now has a better understanding of tonal value and ink saturation.

Canman used an illustrative approach by adding and outline and greywash foundation.

In addition, he added a larger range of dark to light colors.

The updated tattoo now has a bolder look and will age great!

The key for every tattooists continued success is to stay humble and keep learning.

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About Bold will hold tattoo

“Bold will hold” is a phrase often used in the tattoo community.

It refers to the concept that bold or strong designs, particularly in tattooing, tend to age well and maintain their appearance over time.

The phrase emphasizes the importance of selecting sturdy, well-defined designs that will retain their clarity and impact as the tattoo ages.

Tattoos with bold lines, solid coloring, and clear shapes are generally more likely to withstand the test of time.

As a result, they are less prone to blurring or fading compared to intricate, fine-line designs.

The idea is that bold designs will “hold up” better and remain visually striking even after many years.

This phrase serves as advice for individuals considering getting a tattoo.

It suggests that opting for bolder and more solid designs might ensure the longevity and visual appeal of the tattoo as it ages.