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We want to thank you kindly for considering us for your child’s piercing! Please review the following Children’s FAQs and Policy for detailed information on how we can make this a safe, comfortable and positive experience for your child.


We receive calls on a daily basis asking if we pierce children’s ears. The answer is, YES, we do! We will pierce young ones starting at 8 years old with a parent present. We will need parents ID along with the child’s original birth certificate (with the seal). The parent bringing the child will have to have their name listed on the birth certificate with their last name matching their ID. If there has been either a divorce, re-marriage, or name change we will need additional documentation. If the parent is a Legal Guardian, we will need the Guardianship papers along with your ID.

The Medway Board of Health requires that we must prove proof positive the relationship between the minor and adult bringing them. We can not perform any service without this documentation.

We are a private, appointment only studio. Our front door is locked on purpose. You will need to call to schedule an appointment, and yes, even to shop for jewelry. The studio number is 508-533-1369. If you reach our voicemail we may be on the other line or with a client. Our phones are monitored throughout the day. Please leave a brief message and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

This way we will block off enough one on one time for you without pressure of other patrons in the lobby. Our goal is provide a more personal experience with the highest quality jewelry available for our industry in a safe, calm, and fun environment.

Important Notice

If your child is actively in sports or is an active swimmer, we ask that you wait to schedule a piercing appointment until there is plenty of time for their piercings to heal. We suggest waiting between 2 1/2 – 3 months. Please consult with their coach to see if they can keep their jewelry in while playing sports. Some coaches are strict with removal of jewelry while others require covering the jewelry. We are trying to prevent infection by taking out jewelry with non-washed hands, closure of the piercing with removal of jewelry, and irritation issues that may arise from attempting to put jewelry back into a fresh piercing channel.

We also suggest waiting to having your child’s ears pierced until after the summer months. We have a very short season here in New England. We want our young clients to enjoy it with friends and family without the hassle of caring for and missing out on swimming, water parks and other summer fun because of a new piercing.

How We Pierce Children’s Ears

At Visions, everything we use is sterilized and single use. We do not use piercing guns as we do not believe this is a safe option. We use sterilized, single use hollow needles and implant grade body jewelry.

Our jewelry is a bit different than what you would see in stores or online. We use a “flat-back” stud style jewelry. This type of jewelry has a small flat disk which is attached to a post. The post has a small opening. Most of our gems have a pin attached to it. The pin slides into the post and is gently pressed together. Days of bulky butterfly backings sticking into the back the head or neck are a thing of the past! This style of jewelry is so comfortable your child will not feel they are there. We will show you how your jewelry works when you are in the studio. It is much easier to see a visual demonstration.

Consultations Are Highly Encouraged

This is a really big deal for our younger clients. We always encourage parents to relay to their child that they will be coming to check out the studio, to look at jewelry, and to meet the staff. We always tell parents that the appointment is the consultation. We also block off enough time in case your child is super excited and ready to be pierced after the consultation. In our experience, the appointment goes either two ways regardless of how excited they are to you at home about being pierced; they are super excited and ready or they get really nervous and want to back out.

Please let us know at the time of booking their appointment if you would like to strictly have a consultation. We will book a shorter time frame to answer all your questions and to look at our vast selection of jewelry. You can also book the piercing appointment for another day before leaving the studio or call us later when your child has had time to make their decision.

What if my child wants to back out of being pierced?

We schedule extra time into the appointment allows for this. We want our younger clients to know that it is their choice when they want to be pierced. We want to empower them and help them understand they are not under any pressure to be pierced if they are too nervous. We never force or attempt to convince your child into a piercing even when we are about to perform the piercing. They will not disappoint anyone and we don’t want them to feel afraid to express their feelings. We want your child to have the best experience possible, even if that means we need to reschedule their piercing for another day.

Will it hurt?

This is a very common question and we answer it honestly. It does a little. It’s like getting a shot at the doctor’s. Most of the time, our younger piercing clients say, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” It can be a little more challenging for others. Either way, we will guide your child every step of the way making it as easy and fun experience as possible.

Can I bring jewelry for my child’s piercing?

Being members of the Association of Professional Piercers, we can not allow anyone to bring in outside jewelry. We use all implant grade body jewelry and have paperwork from our suppliers stating as such. Ear piercings take around 3 months to heal. We request you keep this initial jewelry in the entire healing time. After, you may remove the jewelry and replace it other styles of jewelry.

How Much Will It Cost?

Visions charges a $70 ear piercing fee ($35 for each piercing), plus the cost of jewelry. Our most basic Gem style jewelry is $120 for the pair and goes up from there depending on the gem style that is selected. We have jewelry for virtually every budget, ranging from our most basic (without a gem) to genuine diamonds and gemstones in 14k/18k solid yellow, white, and rose gold.

How do I keep my child from getting their piercing infected?

The short answer is to not touch, play, or twist jewelry with your hands.

All of our piercer’s at Visions will explain in detail how to care for their piercing and provide tips in obtaining a healthy piercing. You will also be emailed a link to our website of our aftercare so you don’t have to remember all the information we give you during your appointment. You can also click here to view our aftercare.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions that are not answered here, please contact us at 508-533-1369.

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